Program (PDF)
How to get to the social event
Wednesday, April 24th Thursday, April 25th Friday, April 26th
2:00 pm : Welcome speach 9:00 am : Paolo Bortolotti 9:00 am: Invited talk – Dedalo Sanz Hernandez
Spintronic Radio-Frequency Neural Networks

2:30 pm : Tutorial – Flavio Abreu Araujo
Neuromorphic spintronics and its magnonic wink

9:15 am : Philipp Pirro
Presentation of European Project – CoSPiN

9:30 am : Kevin Fripp
Nanoscale chiral magnonic resonators as two-dimensional spin-wave scatterers for neuromorphic computing applications

3:15 pm : Tutorial – Adam Papp
9:45 am: Sebastiaan van Dijken
Presentation of European Project – MANNGA

9:50 amSalvatore Perna
Bistability of P-modes and Chaos in FMR in BiYIG nanodisks

4:00 pm : Break 10:15 am : Break 10:10 am : Abbas Koujok
Hybrid magnonic-oscillator system: towards the development of hybrid artificial network structures
4:30 pm : Invited talk – Kilian Stenning
Neuromorphic Overparameterisation: Generalisation and Few-Shot Learning in Multilayer Physical Neural Networks of Nanomagnectic Arrays
10:45 am : Helmut Schultheiss
Presentation of European Project – NIMFEIA
10:25 am : Break
5:15 pm : Tutorial -Giovanni Finocchio 11:15 am : Madjid Anane
Presentation of European Project – k-NET
10:55 am: Jamal Berakdar
PT-symmetry assisted logic operations
6:00 pm :  End of Day 1 11:45 am: Florin Ciubotaru
Presentation of European Project – SPIDER
11:15 am : Invited talk – Christopher Heins
Floquet Magnons in a Periodically-Driven Magnetic Vortex
7:30 pm : Dinner on a boat on the Seine River 12:15 : Lunch break
11:45 am : Tobias Farchy
Training Neuromorphic Computing Devices for Time Series and Digit Recognition using Non-Linear Spin Wave Interference
1:45 pm: 1h30 Round table
12:05 : Lunch Break
3:15 pm: Inivted talk – Mikhail Kostylev
1:30 pm: Thibaut Devolder
3:45 pm: Break 1:45 pm: Abbas Hamadeh
Dynamical diversity of magnetization dynamics in interacting systems through tunable coupling strength
4:15 pm : Invited talk – Joo Von Kim
Multimode parametric excitations for nonlinear magnonic computing
2:00 pm : Maryam Massouras
Noncommutativity of Parametric Excitations in YIG disks: a promising playground for magnonic-based computing
4:45 pm : Gabriel Soares
Mutual inhibition between parametrically excited spin-wave modes
2:15 pm : Maria Cocconcelli
Reconfiguring Magnonic Devices with Magnetic MEMS
5:05 pm: Anton Lutsenko
Magnonic Fabry-Pérot resonators as programmable phase shifters and energy concentrators
2:30 pm : Andrey Shytov
Analytical modelling of magnonic resonators and their application for neuromorphic computing
5:25 pm: Poster Session
2:45 pm : Hugo Merbouche
Non-degenerate parametric excitation in YIG nanostructures for k-space neuromorphic computing
7:00 pm: End of Day 2 3:00 pm: End of the Workshop
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