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Non-hermiticity in spintronics: oscillation death in coupled spintronic nano-oscillators through emerging exceptional points

By |2024-02-26T14:08:34+00:00January 31st, 2024|

. Authors: Steffen Wittrock, Salvatore Perna, Romain Lebrun, Roberta Dutra, Ricardo Ferreira, Paolo Bortolotti, Claudio Serpico, Vincent Cros, Journal link arXiv link Abstract: The emergence of exceptional points (EPs) in the parameter space of a non-hermitian (2D) eigenvalue problem is studied in a general [...]

Talks at 2023 Intermag meeting

By |2023-05-30T08:04:29+00:00May 30th, 2023|

At the 2023 Intermag meeting, many talks have addressed the topic of neuromorphic computing with magnetic materials. 2 invited talks have been given by k-NET consortium members : Design of k-space magnon Dynamics by Machine Learning /Gyorgy Csaba Spin-Orbit Torque Generation and Amplification of Spin-Waves in Garnets Micro-Structures / Abdelmadjid Anane

2. Computational micromagnetics based on normal modes: Bridging the gap between macrospin and full spatial discretization

By |2024-02-27T12:10:39+00:00November 30th, 2021|

. Journal: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Authors: S.Perna, F.Bruckner, C.Serpico, D.Suess, M.d’Aquino Published: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 Journal link arXiv link Data on Zenodo Abstract: The Landau–Lifshitz equation governing magnetization dynamics is written in terms of the amplitudes of normal modes associated with [...]

1. Evidence for spin current driven Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons

By |2022-02-15T00:01:19+00:00November 11th, 2021|

Evidence for spin current driven Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons Authors:  B. Divinskiy, H. Merbouche, V. E. Demidov, K. O. Nikolaev, L. Soumah, D. Gouéré, R. Lebrun, V. Cros, Jamal Ben Youssef, P. Bortolotti, A. Anane, S. O. Demokritov Published: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 Journal link arXiv link Data on Zenodo [...]

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